Tuesday, April 01, 2003


Stardate 56040.1 (4/1/2003)

Ok, the last few days have been fun (NOT!). Friday night I had some irritation between my little toe and the next toe. I looked it over, and found a small flap of skin, like a cut. It did not appear to go all the way through the skin. I sprayed some aneseptic on it. Saturday night I noticed a blister on the small toe. Sunday morning, the area around the toe was swollen. By Sunday night, half the foot was inflated. I started to worry at that point. The only place open then was IHC Instacare in Bountiful. Bad decision on my part. They stuck me with an IV, and I have been walking around with a catheter in my arm for the last three days. I’ve been going back to IHC every four hours for a new IV. Definitely not fun, and it puts several holes in my day. Well, after seeing my own doctor today, it stops now. He agreed that there was no progress, and has me on an oral drug related to Cipro.

On a brighter note, I didn’t let this stop me from seeing a preview show at the new Clark Planetarium on Monday. I invited C2 Ray Meyer, our erstwhile chief of operations, to go with my family. There were a couple of other tickets, but no takers. Anyway, the place was great even though it was still under construction. We saw the new IMAX and the new star theater. The star theater was still being worked on, so it wasn’t as spectacular. They did hint at improved laser shows.

Here’s an interesting if obvious observation. Walking around with a needle in your arm makes people nervous.

On March 24th I took the Starfleet Academy Exam for the Original Series. I scored 60%. I had hoped to do better. The exam included quotes. I was warned of this, but usually if it is not written down, I don’t remember it. The chief of operations and the captain were amused by my method of memorizing the episodes in airdate order.

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