Wednesday, April 16, 2003

About the Ticonderoga

Stardate 56041.4 (4/14/2003)
Now back to our regularly scheduled program -

About the Ticonderoga:
Karrie Buck said they are a pretty diverse group. From what little I have seen, I'd have to agree. They are not the stereotypical Star Trek fans. Everyone seems to believe in the main purpose of having fun. I certainly did not expect the level of activity. Back in December of 2002, I was bored and looking to meet some new people. I decided that I might try to find some group with the same interests, and Star Trek was the best bet. This group was the only one in Utah that came up in a search. The level of involvement is up to the individual. I am having fun with the trivia. Soon after joining, I invited the group over for a ST movie (The Wrath of Khan). It was great fun. The captain worried they were too loud, but I didn't think so.

The foot is doing much better. I can almost walk normally again.

I did finally get more memory for my desktop. I added 256 Mb to the 128 Mb already there. It works much better now.

End of log entry.

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