Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Horror

Saturday I took Rachel to Newgate Mall to meet with her friends. They went to see a movie, and then hung out there for a few hours. I was there most of the time. It's not easy, since my idea of shopping is go in, get what you came to get, get out. Teenage girls don't do that. I tried to hang back while still keeping an eye on them, and staying out of the conversation about boys. Not what I would consider fun, but all part of the job.


Danielle said...

Oh been there and done that!! I just take little ones to burn off energy in the play land now.. that way they get to play, I get to sit, and Haylee gets to shop or do whatever it is that teenagers do!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't too bad!!! You're Lying!!!

Anonymous said...

you are a poopy head!!!!