Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fourth of July 2008

This year's Fourth was subdued somewhat. We bought some fireworks on the day itself. Susan and Verne and family came over, and brought my dad's old slides and slide projector. He had this cabinet full of slides from pictures back to about 1959. There are about 20 boxes with 40 slides each. April had a scanner for her job that can handle these, so she volunteered to scan them. It's a major undertaking due to trying to keep the pictures organized by what my dad wrote on the box. We tried to run them through the projector, but many of them became jammed because the cardboard that holds the film is getting soft. 

We ate, and then went out to do the fireworks. This year the kids in the neighborhood (mine included) seem to be pyromaniacs. They are intent on lighting small fires. The actual fireworks did not impress them. We watched the Layton city fireworks show from our porch.

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