Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Stardate 61040.8
Friday was Confirmation for a friend's daughter, Vreni (Franny). We had planned on the whole family going down to Salt Lake, but of couse ot does not work out that way. The boys both backed out. April was fine with that provided they made arrangements with friends. Patrick did so immediately, but Thomas dalied until almost too late. A couple of crying jags and he managed to stay across the street. Rachel wanted to go see the confirmation. The plan was the meet the family for dinner and then head to church. Some
Ast minute details that were forgotten threw this out, and I ended up staying home alone.

Saturday was cleaning out the garage, then out to pick up Patrick. A stop by the dump to drop off the junk cleaned from half the garage. April and Patrick went to Blockbusters for a movie.

Sunday up at 8 to go to Mass. Rachel went shopping with her friend Melissa. The afternoon was nice, so I took Leo the dog out to chase the ball. Two throws and he dumps the ball in the corner of the yard; his way of saying I don't want to do this. Ok by me. Patrick wanted to practice catching, so I grabbed a bat and hit the same ball to him. Leo decided a game of keepaway was more to his taste. So I hit the ball, Patrick would catch it, and the dog would run back and forth between us. He was pretty tired the rest of the night.

Rache came home with a new pair of shoes and a shirt that says 'I heart recycling' using the heart symbol and the recycling symbols.

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Danielle said...

My kids need a dog that has more energy than them to wear them out!!! However, it appears we have became more of a "kitty" household with the girls, than a "doggie" household. Big surprise there I guess.