Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Patrick's birthday

As I made out invitations to Patrick's birthday party, I was thinking of an ad I hear in the mornings where a woman complains that everyone communicates by email, but she doesn't own a computer. Filling out each one, I realize why so many use email over a snail mail: I'd be writing the invitation once, check for mistakes, then send everyone on the list a copy. The written version has me do the same process , and potentially make a mistakes on each one, over and over. There are only ten, so it's not difficult. Conversely, the same would not apply to thank you notes, where you want personalize each one.

The party was fun. We took the kids to Speed Street in Layton, an indoor go-cart track. You do a qualify run, and the top five get to race together. Patrick was in the top five, of course, and finished first. The surprise was that Thomas was also in the top five, beating out a lot of the older kids. He didn't want to race again, though.

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