Wednesday, June 06, 2007


About a month ago, there was a thread on comp.lang.java titled 'I hate Java'. The poster wanted to know after Googling that phrase why so many people didn't like Java. I thought he could substitute any language and get pretty much the same thing. At various times I can hate Java, Javascript, C#, CSS, HTML, and what ever else is giving me problems at the moment. Wandering through Wikipedia, I found a Klingon programming language, va'aq. Then again, I hate RPN.

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Matt said...

There is already a set of Klingon programming principles so it only makes sense there should be a language as well.

Although I would have thought a Klingon programming language would be a bit more aggressive in its semantics. Maybe more lisp like. Actually, creating a lisp library of klingon commands might be entertaining.