Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Harlan Ellison quote, Borg Tax

Stardate 57100.1 (10-01-2003)

Some of the network services quit working (ftp, ping) after a crash. I used the System Restore feature to get them working again. To my surprise, it worked. I will have to remember that the next time I grumble about how much disk space it takes up.

The captain set me a Yahoo news article about the Amazing Race being renewed for another season after winning an Emmy over Survivor and American Idol. I have to admit being disappointed when season 3 of this show did not air last spring. It did finally air over the summer, which turned out to be much better anyway. Season 2 aired on Wednesday, the same time as Enterprise. Season 3 aired on Thursday. So knowing the fact that there will be another season is a relief.
Tuesday I found out that a couple of people had been let go that day. There was no reason given. The rumor is that corporate in Minneapolis mandated a percentage reduction for all offices. The manager doesn’t foresee any more layoffs, but then you never can tell. Four others are being moved to other projects. The bizarre thing is they have to apply to those positions through an outside recruiter. How does this save any money?

I found this quote:
"When they say, 'Gee it's an information explosion!', no, it's not an explosion, it's a disgorgement of the bowels is what it is. Every idiotic thing that anybody could possibly write or say or think can get into the body politic now, where before things would have to have some merit to go through the publishing routine, now, ANYTHING." - Harlan Ellison
ST and Sci-f  fans will recognize the author. I guess its true, but is this a bad thing? I entered into doing reviews of Enterprise on a whim, and some of them are very negative. But they are my opinion, and others have their own. Some people loved the same episode I didn’t care for. If they present arguments as to why, I might change my opinion. There is a lot of subjects out there. For instance, this blog on the Civil War . And this: Talk like a pirate

April read my last entry just as I had most of it done. She skips over the Star Trek comments with ‘Blah, blah’, and reads the stuff that interests her. This will probably become an innate ability for my kids. RSS is technology that attempts to do something similar, according to some in the media.

One of the parents at St. Joseph's is looking for volunteers to do some IT work. I just emailed him and volunteered. It would be good experience, and a chance to network in case my current job runs out.

I added a borg tax questions to the humor section. I found the questions on the net in 1993.  I forwarded it around the office, and my boss forwarded it to a friend he knew that worked for H&R Block. The answers are his. 

Q. Do we file as individuals or as a corporation?
A. As a corporation only if each borg is in "good-standing" with the local planet's franchise tax commission. And properly capitalized!
Q. Can we deduct the cost of building/operating the Borg ships as a business expense? <<
A. Only if the operations can show a "business intent" -- otherwise, it's just a fun loving hobby.
Q. Does assimilating a world count as a Capital Gain? Can we use our one-time deferment after we've assimilated the known Universe?
A. The one-time deferment is available only if you have not assimilated any other Known Universe's within a time period which extends exactly 24 months prior to and after the current assimilation.
Q. Can we claim mileage credit?
A. Only if you have a valid "log book" and deviations from the standard rate per galaxy/mile equivalent are frowned on.
Q. If the IRS audits the Borg, is it against the tax codes to assimilate them? Rather, could we simply destroy them?
A. Destruction of the tax codes or documental evidence is plainly discussed in Section 7453 -- "Rules of Practice, Procedure and Evidence" -- believe an adequate paraphrasing would be that "if you can't find the body, you don't have a crime....."
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