Sunday, September 07, 2003

Brownies, games, and such

Stardate 57090.7 (9-7-2003)

It's been a longer delay in log entries than it has been the last few months. The primary reason is the new format. You're reading this, so you know I have removed the log entries from the sliding menu, and put them under a calendar. The calendar has links on the days where there is a log entry. There are still a few things to work out, like formatting the text around the calendar, and the fact that if you click on an entry in previous months, it goes back to the current month. But it basically works the way I want it to. The other thing this saves me is renumbering the array entries for the sliding menu each time I added a new one. The script looks for a particular format in the file names, and appends the appropriate one to the page.

Another project I have up and going is the Troop 25 Brownie site. It's pretty basic, but the CONTENT is what is important. The feedback has all been positive. I also notice my hit stats went up sharply after putting the site up. 

Rachel does not like the fact that her teacher, Mrs, Jefferies, yells at the class. She is not yelling at Rachel, but at other kids in the class for talking. Rachel is just sensitive about adults yelling. Both Rachel and Patrick are still adjusting to the long days at school. Patrick caught a cold. More and more this causes asthma-like symptoms. He is also complaining that the other boys at school do a lot of running at recess, and he can't keep up because he has trouble breathing. He is on a steroids and some anti-cough medicine so he can sleep at night. I am seeing a marked improvement today. 

I occasionally play with plastic lightsabres with my boys. Patrick has recently developed the technique of hitting high, then switching low suddenly. About one of three times he can get a touch on me this way. He pretty proud of that. I keep thinking I should enroll him in fencing classes, but you need to be eight to start at the local classes. April would object as well.

The first soccer games were yesterday. Everything went well. The biggest complaint I got as a coordinator was that the grass was too long on the U6 boys field. Rachels' game was strange in that we only played three quarters instead of four. All of the parents were a little surprised when the game was over. It makes it a little hard to play each player half the game when they do that.

The bad part of coordinator is that I have put two girls on the U6 boys teams, and I missed one boy altogether. So there are some lessons to learn. The first is to start earlier building teams. The second is to enter all the kids in the spreadsheet, so any boys too young can be found early. Third, check the gender of each entry. Fourth, backup the spreadsheet each time I make changes. Fifth, have only ONE copy on the machine. 

Work is pretty busy. The testing last month was never completed, so I have not had a chance to try the updated procedures that will speed it up. This months testing turned up a problem in the Windows version. Dave North has been trying to install Oracle 9i on the server, so the environment keeps changing. At the division quarterly meeting, they told us we were a half a million behind projected revenue, mainly due to acquisitions not  performing as well as expected, and a slow sales pipeline. So they are falling back to cutting costs, which means layoffs. There have been a few more middle managers laid off already, and there are probably more on the way.

The captain went up to Island Park, Idaho, last weekend. This is just outside of Yellowstone Park. He and his family visited Yellowstone. The new season of Enterprise starts this week, and he is having viewing parties at his house. I'll have to ask them how they enjoyed it and if the fires were still going in the east end of the park. This also means the stardate at the top goes from 56 to 57.

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