Sunday, October 05, 2003

Jason Fox Comic, Soccer

Stardate 57100.5 (10-05-2003)

I read in Discover magazine about Technorati, a web site that tracks links and commentary in the expanding world of Web logs. It has a breaking news page that ranks news items by how many times they are references in blogs, and not by the number of major news source references that Google and others used. If a large number of professional organizations run a particular story, it shows up in Google. If the majority of bloggers tracked by Technorati ignore it, it won't show up there. I thought it was an interesting concept. I checked it out, but only one item caught my attention today. It was a story about how millions of technical and service jobs, including call center jobs, are going to India.

Thursday is supposed to be swimming lessons for Rachel and Patrick. The power blackout canceled the one that day, and the week before I got bad directions off the net and could not find it. It's getting frustrating for April and I, as well as the kids.

April and I went to a murder mystery fund raiser for the school on Friday. It was ok, just crowded and noisy. The actors where hard to hear. The other complaint was the single cash bar, and the long line in front of it. The joke was that the place was not used to Catholic functions.

We sent Patrick and Rachel to a friends house in Eden. We were worried about Patrick, who does not like sleeping away from home. It stormed pretty bad that night. The friends mother and Rachel said he did fine.

The soccer games on Saturday went well. Both Patrick's and Rachel's games were at the same time. So I arranged for a parent to coach Patrick's game. One of the kids was out of town, another was sick, and a third refused to play. So Patrick ended up playing the whole game. Rachel's game was against a team with some large girls. They still did well. The one part I would have liked to change was the fourth quarter. I would have put Rachel and one other girl named Fiona in against these girls. Oh, well, everyone had fun, which is the point. Rachel's friend, Audra, who she stayed with, did get hit in the face by accident.

At home after the games, I picked up my email and found out Captain Rex Rouviere found a job in Alabama, and will be moving away. The farewell was a 2 PM. I did manage to swing by and say goodbye. It would have been nice to stay, but I needed to get Patrick to the toy store to find a gift for a birthday party on Sunday. Rachel was also cooking dinner on her own for the first time. The captain did say some good things about me to the admiral. I appreciated that.

The birthday party on Sunday was at Dinosaur Park. It was good, and the kids got to run around freely. Thomas clung to me almost the whole time. But he does this a lot, so I wasn't surprised. Patrick got to play with friends, so it was a good thing.

April's mother is not doing well, so April is trying to fly out the last week in October. She has frequent flyer miles, but they require a Saturday stay over. She might fly out the 25th, which is the same day the fleet is going to the simulators. It looks like I won't be able to go. There are several other conflicts that day as well. It happens a lot that things all pile up on the same day.
I sent this around work Friday. I titled it "Bart Simpson could learn from Jason Fox". I was told it was a bright spot in a bad week for a lot of people. It does make me wonder what Bill Amends background is.

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